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The ball itself works. It gives you an excellent abdominal workout.

The first time I used it I thought "I don't feel a thing" but then the next day I could barely sit up. Take it easy at first. The ball is pretty poor needs to be constantly blown up (gets pretty irritating). Now for the "but"...

the company has been running a scam where the customer is signed up for a continuity plan without their knowledge, luckily I found out before I ordered. Check it out and be informed...

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I would contact my bank and let them know that they continue to make unauthorized charges to your account. The bank should be able to stop them, if not, I would consider closing that account and opening a new one. Hope this helps!


Benderball is so cheap, and got what you expexted, but the continuity program they is SUCKS!! I order hte benderball as requested by my friend for his B-day.

I purchased 2, then after a month I got charged $30.88 twice. I called CS and told me that was for the memebership and the DVD you will recieved every month. I said it is not authorized by me and I want cancel the membership and I never even received the item that's why I called them to verify what the charges for. She told me return the Item once I received it, and they will refund my charges once they received the item.

Then another month passed I got charges again $19.99 twice for they never received the item, meaning I have it and using it. I told them you are the one who have the tracking number why don't you track where the package are. And she told me it will take 2wks. to 2 mos.

to refund the charges, because she needs to verify everything, and I insist about the time since it's been 2 months since I returned the item and still charging per month even the account is closed. Then she told me mother f**ker away from the receiver in a different language that I understand and speak. I bounce back the language and she got scared. She said she will refund the charges in 2-5 business day, which I never received untill now.

Please advise me what to do if they will charged me again next month.

That's more than a $100 compare to the $12.98 DVD!!! plus $9.99 shipping and handling for 1 item!!!!!!!

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